Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Some favourite things ...

I'm thinking on the next step in the perpetual renewal of On the Useful Lists for British Innovative Poetry page I always feel the "Excellent Books of Contemporary British Innovative Poetry" is probably defective (more so than the two online listings, which merely need updating). I shall crowdsource!

Can I invite you to send either to, as a comment on this blog or to your list of the books/ebooks published in the last 5 years (since January 1, 2006) which have meant most to you (take that as you choose!) in connection with that diverse and fuzzy thing we call Innovative British Poetry. Say up to ten or so titles (+ author, publisher, date). In the interests of probity - not written or published by you. I'll put the lists up on as a webpage adjunct to the Lists page, and a collated Top Ten or Twenty on the Lists page. Probably mid September, to give you time to work out the list as you relax on your hols.

If this works, we can do some more lists...

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